Himalayan Salt Lamp 3-4kg NATURAL Wood Base


w Black Cord (10w/24v)

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Photo indicative only. Actual product may vary in shape, weight, and colour.

Himalayan natural salt lamp with wooden base, Weighs between 3-4kgs, Approximately 22cm in height. 1.8M 24V Electrical cord and 10 watt 24V globe included. These are compliant with all NEW electrical standards within Australia and NZ.

These Himalayan Salt products are individually hand-crafted from 100% Pure Himalayan Salt making your purchase truly special and one of a kind.

PLEASE NOTE: These globes are specially designed to fit within the small holes of Himalayan Salt Lamps and Selenite Lamps. Due to their small size, and the wattage of these globes this makes them fragile. To extend the life of your globe please ensure they are screwed tightly into the light fitting and do not move the lamp while it is on.

We do not take responsibility for blown globes.

When a replacement globe is needed please email us at relax@laluxure.com.au to arrange payment and delivery of a new globe.

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Weight 3.0 kg